Making Images That Work For You

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Image is very important in today’s business world and every executive needs images that show who you are and what you are about. Images are needed for an assortment of uses such as print, website, CV, library shots for press releases,
conferences etc.

This is what I can offer you and your business image:

I work very quickly: I can capture your personality / leadership in a single shot if need be. All the example shots in this Gallery came about with great co-operation before the shoot as I shoot on location pre shoot planning  is essential, for things such as, locations selection, suitable time of the shooting etc. I understand that time is a precious commodity for an Executive or any Senior Manager all of these were shot with the subject in front of the camera for 10 to 15 minutes; some were shot in even less because of the subjects schedule. But shoots like these don’t just happen therefore pre-shoot planning is essential.

Cost: There is a fixed price per person, and there is of course a sliding scale where the cost will decrease for set numbers of people please ask for detail.

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