Making Images That Work For You

Professional Fees
. Consist of an hourly rate; a half day (4hrs), and whole day rate (8hrs). As all photography is Digital  time has to be allowed for post shooting production. When any post shoot production work is done outside the time booked for the shoot then a post shoot production hourly fee will apply.

The Daily Rate also has a sliding scale of reduction based on block booking of multiple days.

Images are included in the time charges; there is no restriction of how many images that is totally governed by the circumstances unique to each shoot.  All images are supplied on an image ready Hi-Res CD or DVD, with a guide contact sheet e-mailed as a matter of course
A mileage charge is applied to cover motoring expenses, and all other expenses; ie; Hotel, Flights, Rail etc are passed on to the client at cost.

Models, I can recommend model agencies that clients can deal directly with and I am happy to be involved in the selection process.

Copyright passes to the client on payment of the relative invoice so you are not invoiced for any further use you make of the images but please note that in copyright law the copyright does remain with the author. However should I wish to use an image to promote my own business I would out of courtesy ask your permission.

For a copy of the Professional Fees Structure please e-mail me via the contact page and I will forward this to you.


Thank You


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